Cooking with particleIllusion: Video Recipes for Pixel Pyrotechnics

"Cooking with particleIllusion" shows you how to make amazing effects in a matter of minutes. Each video lesson goes step by step through the process involved in taking a blank emitter and creating effects, from laser fire to fireworks, to mushroom clouds.

Also included is an IL3 library file containing over 30 emitters

Total runtime approximately 40 minutes

Price- $37.50 $15

Table of Contents
Laser Fire- 5m 48s
Flames- 5m 16s
Disintegrate- 6m 12s
Fireworks- 4m 58s
Explosion Part 1- 4m 40s
Explosion Part 2- 4m 31s
Rising Fireball- 8m 21s

Included emitters
The library included with the CD includes variations of the emitters created in the tutorials.
There are 7 laser blast emitters, 11 fire emitters, 10 fireworks bursts, 5 debris blasts, and 4 rising fireballs/mushroom clouds.

System Requirements
particleIllusion 3.0 or greater
Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP
Windows Media Player 9 or a video player capable of reading WMV files
A web browser

Windows Media Video Format (640x480, 9 megs)

Windows Media Video Format (320x240, 5 megs)
MPEG-1 (640x480, 14 megs)